Reasons You Need a Drill Press for Metalworking

If drilling metal is a way of life for you, you might want to consider getting a drill press. These powerful machines are very versatile and can make your life a lot easier. Here we lay out 5 reasons you need a drill press for your metalworking projects.

Drilling holes becomes much more accurate

Most of the time, drilling a single hole by hand can be accomplished with fairly good results. However, drilling more than one accurately by hand can be a challenge. With a drill press you can accurately drill holes all day long, producing same size, round (not oblong which at times you may get with a hand drill) and equal depths.

Tapping holes is a lot easier

Tapping holes is a necessity and can be difficult to do by hand when you have many holes to tap. How convenient would it be to run the tap into a pre-drilled hole and with a flip of a switch extract it, time after time? A drill press can do that.

You can make swirl patterns on your material like a pro

If you’re a gear  head building your dream car and want to make a little swirl mark job on your dash panel, what’s the best way to do it on a budget? A drill press! Using a brush or abrasive wheel you can duplicate the swirl pattern over your entire panel surface. This is a great way to customize or hide finger  prints and scratches on whatever panel you need.

Never deal with a locked-up drill bit again

Have you ever locked up a drill bit and had to twist around your wrists to angles you never knew you could just to get it out? Never experience this again by using a drill press. Simply clamp the part into a vise on a nice firm drill press table, set your speed and run down the hand wheel giving you the hole you need without endangering yourself, others, or the part.

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